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Underwater housing for Zoom H4N pro sound recorder

Reference: EOC-HSG-H4NP

This unique underwater housing developed by EOCEAN allows to bring a Zoom H4N Pro down to 80m and connected to 1 or 2 hydrophones (other options possible upon request like full-face mask microphone). Available functions are ON/OFF for powering the unit and Start/Stop for audio recording. Those functions are available underwater through an external wired remote with a LED status. 

Wiring options

The housing is shipped with all the parts necessary to mount it under or over a underwater camera housing. It also features mounting points for Flex-arm balls. The housing is power through 2 batteries provided (with their charger). Some removable grooves allows to store hydrophone cables. The housing is 33cm long and has a diameter of 11.5cm. It weights 3.35 kg in air and is positively buoyant underwater (+1.15). One or two bulkheads allow to add other cables (power source, sensors, etc...) 

4 buying options are available at various prices.

By default, the customer will be requested to ship his/her hydrophone. This hydrophone will be permanently installed on the housing. It is possible to add a second hydrophone. EOCEAN also proposes 2 turn-key solutions with one or two Aquarian H2D hydrophones with XLR plugs installed.

The housing is sold without Zoom H4N Pro unit. 

Please allow 1 to 2 monthes of assembly once the order is confirmed and validated with the customer.