Eocean.eu has been founded by Lionel Pawlowski to develop specialised accessories for imaging, mainly underwater, at reasonnable cost based upon state-of-the-art rapid prototyping tools and methods. This allows to build products in small orders or to customise them to meet customer's need. Eocean.eu claims to be part of the 'maker' culture: our products are made from machines that have been assembled and even built by the company. Lionel has been diving since 1988 in many places, cumulating close to 2000 dives. Apart from being a marine biologist (PhD in biological oceanology), he is also an underwater video teacher for the French federation of scuba-diving. His videos have won several competitions. As a DIY addict, playing with mechanics, computing or electronics is a second nature. At the beginning, most projects were assembled from off the shelf parts that could be easily found in local stores. With the growing complexity of projects over the year, it was more and more necessary to source parts from specialized business and then to start machining the parts. What was initially a student hobby with few money has grown up to a commercial activity.