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 Custom products Custom options for your ordered products. Whether you want to make an unique gift to a relative or to identif

EOCEAN.EU offers some products with custom specification and also the possibility to add your own personal touch (logo...) to your ordered items. 


Custom options for your ordered products. 

Whether you want to make an unique gift to a relative or to identify your equipments, in addition to the great choice of available colors for most of the products we sell, it is possible for you to request an additional custom option by adding a logo, a name to your ordered products. You only need to add to your order one of the two customization options in your shopping cart, to tell us which item you want to customize and to upload to our server an image file. While we prefer vectorial drawings (SVG, DXF, CDR),  we are able to handle most of the raster formats (bmp, jpg, png...). There is no minimum order for this option. offers 2 types of custom logo:


- 'engraved-like' logo. Your logo will appear as if it was engraved into the plastics. This format is economical in a sens that it is replicable without additional costs for a same item.  Should you decide to order a quantity of 5, 10 ou 100 of the same items, there will only be a single flat cost of 15 euros for the numerical pre-processing. Custom products will be available for further order at the catalog rugular price (i.e. non customized) without additional fees. For this option, the drawing will require 2 colors, black being the "engraved" drawing. 


In summary, the total cost is   Total price = (Price per unit * quantity) + Engraving work single fee


- 'colored' logo. This technique implies at least using 2 colors (up to 4). The logo does not degrade on the long run as its structure is made of the same plastic of the body of the product. The machining process generate additional fees at each print due to the printer cleaning operation when swapping filament in order to get perfect colors. As a consequence, a 10 euros fee is applied for each print for a single-color logo, 15 euros for two colors and 20 euros for three colors. For this option, you only need to send your logo when ordering the custom option and we will recontact you in order to confirm your choice of colors. 


In summary, the total cost is  Total price = (Price per unit + Price for colored logo) * quantity 


Objects fully covered by a colored pattern (e.g camo) are also available for most of our products through special order. Contact us for special enquiries. 

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Custom works

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