Custom design & machining

If you do not find a product in the catalog, do not hesitate to contact EOCEAN as it is possible to build a custom product even for a single unit. We also offer 3D printing or CNC machining service as a hub for those who already have a file with a 3D model of their part. 

It is advised to send first some pictures of the part for which you wish some development. After some discussion, it may be helpful to send your equipment to facilitate the required measurements. Measures are taken down to 1/100 of a millimeter. The customer is responsible of the shipping. The return shipping is billed with agreement with the customer (carrier, insurance, etc...). For a non-existing part, the turnover time from the moment all information are available to start design to production is about 3 to 4 weeks. EOCEAN will use at its discretion Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) or substractive manufacturing techniques. The parts made through this way are eligible for the same warranty level than those in the catalog. However, due to their unique nature, EOCEAN may change the design of a part included in the project at its own discretion and in the customer's interest.


4 billing levels depending on the nature of the project 


Plan 1 : Suggestion box 

You send a mail with an idea for a product. If this idea can lead to a new product for E-OCEAN, you may be eligible for a voucher or at the only cost of shipping, the product for which you have the idea without additional costs. 


Plan 2 : The product is close to one item in the catalog

You only need some adaptation. Your product is built upon an existing product. Costs will be close to or match those of the reference product.


Plan 3 : Your project is specific or for restricted release 

As for the suggestion box, you have an idea but it is perceived as very specific with limited commercial opportunities or you do not want to allow a commercial release. It is still possible to find a solution. The final cost will include the working time required for design, cost of materials used for trials up to the final product.  


Plan 4 : Printing and milling hub 

You want to get an object for which you have the 3D model file. In that case, it is possible to print or mill the object, the choice being defined by the final use constraints or the cosmetic aspect. Quotes are based on the amount of time required to prepare, mill or print and post-process the object and the type of material chosen. 


For all those cases, do not hesitate to contact E-OCEAN. 

Custom design & machining

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